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Vein Sclerotherapy Birmingham Alabama


Sclerotherapy is a cosmetic procedure used to treat spider reticular veins (telangiectasias). Spider veins are the purple/blue/red small, thin vessels that appear in a branching pattern on the leg. Reticular veins are the larger blue veins. The procedure involves injection of a chemical sclerosing agent; thus, resulting in an injury to these tiny vessels. This results in the vessels scarring shut; and over several weeks the body will reabsorb the vessels. The number of veins injected in a single session is variable, depending on the size and location of the veins. Anywhere from one to several sclerotherapy sessions may be needed to treat an area of veins. Medically prescribed compression stockings will be worn for 1 week after the treatment. In general, spider veins respond to sclerotherapy session over 3-6 weeks, and larger patches may need 3-4 months of therapy.

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